Libby Ryan


I'm a writer and editor based in NYC – but I head out on the road to explore the world whenever possible. My most recent adventure was to the country of Georgia, both cities like Tbilisi and the northern mountains of Svaneti. Next up? Amsterdam and Berlin.


Currently, I'm the travel editor for Previously, I've written for Forbes Travel Guide, Psychology Today, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

I'm that girl on the plane frantically writing down every detail in her travel journal.

I'm also the traveler who reads four books on a destination's history before getting on the plane there – and then I read another one on the flight home because I realized I barely scratched the surface.


I love to encourage people to get off the beaten path (especially visitors to NYC). I wish everyone would step outside their comfort zone and snowshoe up a mountain in Bosnia, but I'll never say no to a picnic by the Eiffel Tower.


Whenever possible, I try to make my trips sustainable, take advice from locals, and try to make sure my trips don't exploit the people who are lucky enough to live where I want to vacation.


If you want nerdy travel talk that goes deeper than the best Instagram spot or luxury resort, you'll like my blog


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