Travel Blogging Is Basically Telling The World Your Dorkiest Travel Stories, Right?

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Well, who cares what the super cool influencer kids are doing. That's what my version is going to look like.

I'm lucky enough to get to write about travel all day for my job. Sometimes I even get to travel as part of it. And when I'm not traveling for work, I'm adventuring on my own. This stuff is my life. But for every polished guide to Vienna that I publish, there are ten hilarious or heartwarming stories that taught me how to enjoy the city. There's a embarrassing anecdote behind each Montenegrin mountain hike or roller coaster of a saga to reach the best Greek swimming hole.

I've got all these notebooks filled with travel stories that never make the final cut of the official travel articles. So here's where you'll get the behind the scenes tales.

I'm nothing if not a giant travel dork, so I'm excited to share some of the memories that helped create some of my favorite travel articles I've ever written.